Friday, 12 December 2008


Love it or hate it, in New York City you cannot ignore it. Many argue it is today's urban art and encourages an artistic freedom that hitherto has been suppressed or not manifested itself at all. Others insist that the aerosol paint canister is science's contribution to the ancient art of defacement, and the vacant-minded or vicious are taking to it in ever increasing numbers - gleefully spraying their names, initials, class numerals and favorite biological functions over national monuments and natural wonders.

My views are starting to mellow towards this art form. Initially it seemed intimidating, and some is deliberately so, but that genre seems to be on the decline and is being superseded by thoughtful, witty, colorful, well constructed works, many of which blend in with or enhance their surroundings. The dark, dank, inhospitable rubbish bin area (top photo) is made to look much less threatening with the bright witty graffiti added to it.

One thing is certain and that is it 'ain't' going to go away and what the heck, I would miss it - NYC wouldn't be the same.

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