Sunday, 21 December 2008


Looking down at the Rockefeller Center's Christmas Festivities

As Christmas approaches, the decorations which have been on display for many weeks actually take on a seemingly different perspective; from hard-nosed commercialism when originally put up to a warm, welcoming, mellow conceptualization, whatever your beliefs, the nearer we get to the 25th of December.

Great fun to skate and watch at the 'Rock'

Many a happy time can be had just watching the skaters do their level best to entertain you, whether it be by 'wowing' with their skills or amusing you with their total lack of bodily co-ordination, balance or decorum.

Rather large baubles on the Avenue of The Americas

Stores make a big effort to entice you through their doors to the cash registers by providing some spectacular window displays. The standard in NYC is very high, none more so than at the legendary Macy's Departmental Store, on 34th Street, between 7th Avenue and Broadway ( photo's above and below).

The importance of Christmas is to remind ourselves of the values that we really wish to use as a template for our dealings with our families, friends, neighbours, co-citizens and fellow beings everywhere. It is also a time to spend dedicated quality time with our families and friends - something which tends to get neglected nowadays. Whilst some view Christmas as a time to reflect on their own faith, it has become a period that transcends one particular faith and can be happily embraced and enjoyed by all of us. HAPPY CHRISTMAS EVERYBODY.

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