Wednesday, 3 December 2008


14 West 10th Street (near Fifth Avenue)

New York City, has more than its fair share of 'Ghost' stories and haunted buildings, and that is hardly surprising given its tumultuous history. From early 1800's to but a few years ago, this city experienced a massive explosion of immigrant led population growth, squalor, criminality, violence, poverty, depravity and wretchedness. A myriad of human tales of misery and hopelessness were played out in the teeming streets and buildings of New York City, so its little wonder that the odd 'spirit' defiantly persists to remind us of the past.

This classic brownstone was constructed in the 19th century and is believed to be haunted by the 22 people who have died in the house, as well as Mark Twain. Twain, who lived here from 1900-1901, is rumoured to haunt the stairwell in the house. In addition, criminal attorney Joel Steinberg lived in the house in 1987 when he was accused and later convicted of the brutal murder of his 6-year-old adopted daughter Jessica Steinberg.

There are many other 'ghostly' tales to be told and I will bring some of these to you in the future.

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