Tuesday, 21 July 2009


And for your entertainment and enjoyment let us introduce to you The Two Sid's.....and, of course Nancy.


The first Sid is to be seen darting in and out of his nest in Church Street. On leaving his dark and highly private habitat, his customary practice is to only open his front door a tiny fraction and to poke his head out to see if one of his many natural predators are around. If clear he then makes a quick slither to his intended destination, using rapid head and eye movements to ensure he avoids adversaries.
As there are lots of adversaries, his travelling time and distance are somewhat elongated by having to take avoiding action and continuous detours and quite often having to take shelter in a nearby property. As a result he tends to be a creature of the night when his presence is not so easily discernable and he can go about his 'business' with less hindrance. Count Dracula had similar nocturnal habits.


The second half of this indomitable duo, masters of frightening the faint hearted, is the grey-haired, sweet talking devourer of the unsuspecting.

His technique is to lull his prey into a feeling of bonhomie and relaxation and when the time is right he wields his cudgeon savagely and without the slightest remorse or pity for his quarry. Thank goodness there are not too many of this type around.


Sid Vicious had his Nancy Spungeon and behind our two own Sid's is the redoubtable and 'control freaky' Mistress of the Paperwork and just about everything else that moves or doesn't move whichever the case may be.

Whilst our two Sids may wield great power in the hyper-narrow world in which they seek to make their stages, the real power behind the throne, in fact the only power, is our Nancy. Our erstwhile "D" category power seekers have to dance to whatever tune our Nancy chooses to orchestrate. Be warned though Nancy, in real life it is rumoured that one of the Sid's bought your existence to a very unpleasant end.