Monday, 1 December 2008


Robert John Burck, (born December 23, 1970 in Cincinnati, Ohio), is better known as the Naked Cowboy, is an American busker and prominent figure of NYC's Times Square. His routine consists of playing his guitar wearing only cowboy boots, a hat, and underwear pants, with the guitar strategically place to give the illusion of nudity.

During a television debate on the morality of his act, the debate host, Larry Elder ruled that Burck's persona was not immoral and not a danger to public safety. Burck replied, "Actually I think I am an inspiration to public safety". Whilst appearing in Times Square he commutes in daily from a Motel on a New Jersey freeway.

In return for a monetary consideration he will oblige and pose provocatively for photographs with ladies of assorted shapes, sizes and ages. When asked to comment on his singing most, if not all, of the women reply, "What singing?" Wonder where he keeps his sandwiches?

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