Friday, 26 December 2008


What's to be done in New York City on Christmas Day, whether you are a resident who does not observe the Christian connotations of Christmas , a tourist in town that day, or for whatever reason are looking to be active and get out and about on the 25th of December? The city is a mix of people with varying religious beliefs or non-beliefs, many of whom carry about their lives as normal Christmas Day and some shops are open particularly in the 'touristy' areas, along with lots of restaurants and fast food outlets throughout Manhattan.

For restaurants, it is recommended that reservations are made, as those that are open can get very busy. The largest concentration of restaurants that open on Christmas Day are the Chinese Restaurants in Chinatown, particularly popular with the NYC Jewish fraternity.

Perhaps the cinema industry's historical involvement with those of the Jewish faith, explains why cinemas open on Christmas Day,with many featuring brand new releases.

So in conclusion, there's not much wrong in going for an envigarating walk in Central Park, lunch in Chinatown, and finishing off with catching a newly released movie.

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