Thursday, 5 March 2009


A street entertainer and his audience 1848

Street entertainers aka buskers, have a long tradition in New York City of plying their most honourable profession for the delight and enjoyment of the passing morass of humanity. Whether it be in one of the parks, in the subway, on the sidewalk or at a visitor attraction, buskers are to be found throughout the year and in all weathers bringing entertainment right to us. No tickets needed, no queuing demanded, just pause a moment or longer and enjoy the talent being performed before you, and maybe place a modest monetary token of your appreciation in the ever present receptacle. As simple as that, you're happy, they're happy and your day receives a whole new coat of gloss.

Whilst New York City does not hold a monopoly on Busking, with many cities participating, there can surely no metropolis that has a greater number and diversity of street entertainers, than does NYC. Below are just but a few of the types of performers that can savoured throughout the year.

Concerto on a saw
Mexican ensemble part of an annual subway festival of busking

Acrobatics in Battery Park

Harlem brownstone front-steps as a stage

The Times Square Naked Cowboy

Very funny act which culminates with a somersault over four innocent bystanders

A Peruvian Quintet - is that a jug blower at the back?

A Living Statue at South Street Seaport

A new slant on Shakespeare's "The Tempest" performed in Tompkins Park

Hot jazz on the subway
Long may these entertainers and the many other street artistes frequently on the streets and elsewhere, brighten our forays through the greatest of city's - New York. They add great dollops of color to the street scene.

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