Monday, 24 November 2008


Gennarro Lombardi, began selling pizza in 1905, laying claim to being the father of the American pizza. Originally, Lombardi's was a grocery store, but it soon became a popular stop for workers looking for something to take to work for lunch. Gennaro started selling tomato pies, which were wrapped in paper and tied with string, and the many workers of Italian descent would take them to the job site. Most could not afford the entire pie, so it was often sold by the piece. There was no set size or price, so you asked for whatever lets say 2 cents would buy and you were given a portion of what was equal to the amount offered.

Over the years Lombardi's has become almost a cult like Mecca for pizza enthusiasts. It is situated at 32, Spring Street (corner of Spring and Mott Street) and prides itself on using only the very best of ingredients, cooked in traditional coal fired ovens.

The reason to come here will soon become evident to you: beautiful, smoky-crusted pizza with fresh tomatoes and mozzarella. The allure of this pizza starts with the crust, which is black and crispy on the underside, but gives way to a wonderfully soft, yeasty interior and is a 'slice' well worth taking the trouble to experience in a city rich in good pizza establishments - arguably the best in the world.

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