Saturday, 22 November 2008


The Bowery Poetry Club is a New York City poetry and other performing arts space, founded by Bob Holman in 2002. Located at 308 Bowery, between Bleeker and Houston Streets, in the Lower East Side, the BPC provides a home base for established and upcoming artists encompassing poetry, all kinds of jazz, folk, hip-hop and improv theatre acts

Events at Bowery Poetry Club feel less like the usual one dimensional staid literary readings, more like big, friendly parties replete with alcohol, conversation and some of the last edginesson the Bowery not yet channeled into boutique hotels.

Time Out New York says "the name of this colourful joint on the Bowery reveals its poetry-slam roots, but it's also the truest current iteration of the East Village's legendary arts scene."

A varied and full programme of entertainment is on offer most nights and at very reasonable prices. The BPC offers a range of sandwiches and hot and cold drinks and there are generally seats available to rest one's weary feet.

If you have a taste for the bizarre and don't offend too easily, keep your eyes peeled for anything from the Jollyship to the Whizbang musical puppet crew.

At the performance on 19th March 2008, one of the performers seems to have let the beauty of the rendition go to his head.

"......Playing a game of cricket,
The ball flew down his trouser leg
And hit his middle wicket."

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