Friday, 9 January 2009


Cafe Reggio is almost a Greenwich Village institution. Located at 119, MacDougal Street, this tiny little Victorian styled cafe is very personal, intimate, romantic, good for singles wanting to catch up on a good book, etc. It's also a bit famous and has been used in quite a few films: the latest film was In Good Company with Scarlett Johannsen (who attended NYU and lived in the Hayden dorm, right up the street on Washington Square West.)

The Italian Renaissance decor is inspired by Caravaggio and the Medici family. Beautiful wall murals and iron seating makes for romantic atmosphere. A dramatic 16th century painting by the Roman master Caravaggio and an antique bench bearing the crest of the illustrious Medici family are among the works that impart a feeling of character and warmth to Cafe Reggio.

Cappuccino first became popular in Italy at the beginning of the last century, and was introduced in America by the original owner of Cafe Reggio, Domenico Parisi (pictured above in 1914.)

At the heart of Caffe Reggio is their magnificent espresso machine, shown above next to the cafe's second owner Niso Cavallari, in 1963. This marvellous early example was made in 1902, and was the first of its kind. Its ornate chrome and bronze exterior houses an impressive marriage of engineering and design.

What better place to while away your time enjoying a coffee and maybe a pastry or two, whilst in this charismatic area of Greenwich Village?

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