Sunday, 4 January 2009


To avert our minds from the raw winter chills that seem to be the order of the day for several months, it is good to let the mind drift as if on a warm air current, to the summer period and particularly to the outdoor Delacorte Theater, in the southwest corner of the Great Lawn, Central Park. The Delacorte is the summer home of the annual "Shakespeare in the Park" production, begun in 1957 by Joseph Papp.

The theater is semi-circular in shape and the audience is treated to the sight of the lovely summer landscape forming a stunning backdrop to the stage. This includes Turtle Pond, and the almost dreamlike vista of Belvedere Castle looking down benignly from above.

Before the start of a production of "Julius Caesar"
New Yorkers are well regarded for their self-deprecating humour which is illustrated with the story "that at the interval after Julius Caesar was stabbed during a performance of 'Julius Caesar' at the Delacorte, half the audience hurriedly left the theater, because they didn't want to get involved!"

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