Thursday, 12 February 2009


Wacky? Tacky? Vulgar? Naff? Tasteless? Yes it's all of these and more but it can be a a whole heap of fun and provide a raucous evening of bacchanalian pleasures. Lucky Cheng's at 24, First Avenue (between 1st & 2nd Streets) claims to be the drag queen capital of the world. It opened in East Village in 1993 to provide dinner, cabaret, comedy, and karaoke by fiercely funny and outlandishly attired drag queens which has attracted such luminaries as Prince Albert of Monaco (a la drag), Britney Spears (with or without essentials not known) Jennifer Love Hewitt, Lenny Kravitz (as himself), Victoria Gotti and Johnny Knoxville.

Most patrons at this bordello-themed restaurant are too busy drinking, toasting (as nearly every table seems to be celebrating something, presumably not investment banker's bonuses for a while) or ogling the drag -queen floor show to notice what they're eating - and that might be a good thing as 'haute cuisine' its not- if you are here its for the party not the food. Entrees such as pomegranate-ginger duck and chicken kung pao do not quite fulfill the anticipatory expectation promised by the menu description. Stick with something that can taste pretty good even if it's a tad cold, overcooked or greasy or just order another cocktail.

staff pride themselves on providing an unforgettable level of service

Oh, how cruel is the dawn of realisation!
One of Lucky Cheng's speciality's are 'Bachelorette' parties which include a 3 course dinner with 'erotic' desserts, a Drag Show such as "Maxxy and the Asians Dolls Decidedly Different Cabaret" hot from Singapore, and a 'Bachelorette Kit' for each guest (which modesty precludes me from giving a description of contents). Very popular at these evenings is John Murdock - the erotic balloon man.

The talented drag and transgender artists actively encourage audience participation as well as games, burlesque, trapeze, gymnastics, contortion, opera and more - depending on the roster of crazy performers for the evening. If you go along with the right frame of mind, (or are a covert cross-dresser), are with a similarly minded group and don't stint on the cocktails, you could well have a great time. On the other hand it could prove to be less than an unqualified success but you'll never know if you don't give it a whirl.

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